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    Monday at 7.30pm - We meet every Monday at St. Andrews Church Rugby

    Community building is an adventure in listening and connecting with others. It is an adventure because when we meet there is no agenda or topic set ahead of time. It is a journey into the unknown. 

    After hearing a short presentation on the Community Building model expressed as four stages and learning some simple guidelines participants meet in a circle. Anyone can speak, but there is no requirement to speak. 

    The model and guidelines create an opportunity for learning about and practicing deeper listening, authentic communication and mutual respect.  In the circle we learn how to develop a deep sense of community with others, even those radically different from ourselves.

    This is a free event. (Donations accepted).

    Rugby Community Building Circle

    When we meet
    Weekly on Mondays at 7.30pm at St. Andrews Church Rugby, Church Street CV21 3PT.

    Meeting Schedule

    7.30 pm people arrive. Tea and coffee available.

    7.45 to 8.00 pm  Presentation of the Community Building model and guidelines

    8.00 to 9.30 pm  Meet in a circle

    9.30 to 9.45 pm  Departure

How do we feel included and valued in a group ? Can a group reach Community and be fully empathetic to EVERYONE in the group ?


How do we remove the barriers within us that prevent connection with other people ?

Listening with Respect

How do we listen with respect to people we may fundamentally disagree with ?